Home » Worlds » Sunlit Tides With Houseboats ( CLICK PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD )

Sunlit Tides With Houseboats ( CLICK PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD )

Sunlit Tides With Houseboats ( CLICK PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD )

Please note when installing you don’t need the Original Sunlit Tide. This world has everything that the original Deluxe had. ie

Serenity Retreat Lot, Already placed in world.
Infinite Zen Massage Table.
Tropical Hot Tub.
Tropical Dreams Wedding Arch.
Tropical Aquarium.
The Clever Curtain.
Sunny Day Lounge Chair.
Implements Of Relaxation.
Wooden Spa Column.
Swiss Cheese Plant.
Bird Of Paradise Plant.

Loading time for the world to open is about 2-3 Minutes. so make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and Enjoy.

Very important note you must have Island Paradise installed.

Many thanks for downloading Jacko. :)

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34 thoughts on “Sunlit Tides With Houseboats ( CLICK PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD )

  1. @ Tallis Aalryn. it will not overwrite your Sunlit Tides saves. it will show up as a different world. ie on your launcher and in game mine will show up as Sunlit Tides With Houseboats. and thank you for your comments. :)

  2. Message to Live Life. i’m so so sorry you are having problem installing my world. you are the first and only one to have problem installing it. i have installed this world on two pc’s in my house hold and tested both. and both are running fine. :)

  3. Hey there! Do you mind if I ask whether you have the .world file that you have saved after editing in CAW? I really love what you have done so far but I was wondering if it would be alright for me to tweak a thing or two in the world you’ve created. I’d like to ask first before proceeding since it’s rightfully and originally your work. :D

  4. Hi Jack, I am also having trouble loading the game, it loads about 1/4 of the way, then crashes. Which is to my dismay, because it looks awesome and I was looking forward to playing it. If you have any thoughts, they would be most appreciated…I am a Nuevo Sims player…so, always looking for insight! Thanks & have a great day folks!

  5. Hi Marty (Martha) Hill. i’m so so sorry you are having problems loading my world. all i can really think of is making sure you have your game patched to 1.55 or higher. also you need Island Paradise installed for it to work.:)

    • Ah ha! I don’t have the expansion pack that I need! “DOH”…..Thank you SO much for replying….guess I will have to save up for my next SIMS purchase. I appreciate your time very much…I hope that you have a great day! :-)

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  7. oh and does it have all the lots too?
    and have you put ports in there?
    and does it have seasons compatibility?

  8. @ Tom Scammell. i’m so sorry i’m late on replying. i’ve not done any creating for a while. and i’m sorry it’s not populated. i chose not to populate my worlds. as for gold edition stuff. it’s should have everything the gold version should have. and yes there are ports and it is Seasons compatible. :)

  9. Thx
    why dont you populate them?
    could you please post a sunlit tides that is populated and doesnt have funny code as building names
    *uses huge really cute puppy dog eyes* :)

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  11. I am so thrilled with your version, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! Already installed my fav households and lots and am now waiting for Showtime action to kick in… ;-)

  12. Hi! Thank you for this world :D Does it include any lots from the store or other expansion packs? Or is it just Sunlit Tides with house boat ramps?

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